If you have content online in the form of a video, transcribing your video will make it more user-friendly. Transcription not only makes your content more attractive but also helps you to boost your SEO. Planetromoters will provide transcription for your; YouTube subtitles, Lecture subtitles, Webinars, Podcasts, interviews, and many more.

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Benefits of Transcription

Approximately 70% of internet users watch videos and prefer this medium of information more. Whenever a company uploads a video, they only have a title and meta description to utilize the keywords. Besides title and meta description if you add transcription to your videos with profound keywords, your content will be detected by search engines. This will make your content visible every time a client of yours searches up using these keywords. Moreover, search engines rank up videos with transcription.

Increase Customers Satisfaction

Planetromoters will look after your transcriptions and make you reach your clients like never before. Our transcription works will make your video more interactive. This will make your clients view your content for a longer time. Transcription with an engaging video provides your message in the form of text to your clients. Thus they can skim videos and read the information they require without having to watch the whole video. As customers find your video more useful, they tend to view your other content too. This helps to convert random customers into loyal clients.

Why Planetromoters?

• Easy order placement.
• We provide transcription at a reasonable price.
• Transcriptions are handled by our experts.

Work Process;

  • Screening the Audio or Video
  • First draft
  • Review
  • Second Draft
  • Proof reading
  • Quality Check

Transcription will make your Audio/ Video more attractive and interactive to your clients.

Planetromoters Marketing Consultant Rony Hossain
Rony Hossain

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Planetromoters Marketing Consultant Rony Hossain

Rony Hossain

Marketing Consultant Expert
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