Getting your potential customers using Google Ads will help you the most.  By advertising in Google Ads, you’ll be able to get your potential buyers while they’re searching for products and services related to your business.

According to the recent data collection, every second there are about 2.3 million searches on Google, and the majority of those search results are consisting of Google paid Ads. Digital advertisements such as Google Ads or Facebook Ad campaigns help to engage with your prospective buyers as well as place your website forward to increase your website saturation.

Utilizing digital advertising tools to target customers to your website can be the best way to convert them into loyal purchasers. Placing your company, products related keywords for your AdWords will make your page appear higher in the search rank when someone searches with these keywords. This enables you to pay only for relevant customers by PPC (pay-per-click).

Five simple steps which is a must for Google Ads.

five simple steps for google ads

Five simple steps which is a must for Google Ads

  • Target your Ads with keywords

  • Focus solely on potential consumers

  • Only pay for PPC

  • Analyze your outcomes after giving Ads and compare them with previous results.

  • Try to propagate your Ads on various platforms such as Google, YouTube, Apps, etc.

 How Will Google Ads Help you Advance Business?

How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals

Advance your business goal with Google Ads

  • Gives Immediate Exposure –By using Google Ads your advertisement will appear in the top five Google search results when someone uses your keyword. Foremost data suggests, about 75.1% of visitors click on the top three search results. Consequently, more people will get to know about your brand and explore your services.
  • Greater Outreach-You can create different varieties of ads for different types of products; thus, relevant ads appear to your customers while they’re looking for specific services on Google. These will boost conversion by stimulating customers to take action when they find their desired product advertisements.
  • Geo-targeting-This staggering option will help you reach local customers seeking similar services around your regions. Geo-targeting maximizes your exposure in the local market. Moreover, this reduces your PPC costs and increases your conversions as your advertisement will only appear in regions where your services are available. Therefore, no unnecessary advertisements are made to individuals who can’t use your services.
  • Ad Progress Report-Google has precise reporting tools which help you to learn about your advertisement campaign’s efficiency. These tools will assist you to scrutinize the keywords which are not contributing to your campaign; therefore, you can eliminate the less effective keywords and include the more profound ones. The Google reports also contain the number of conversions you had acquired, your ads investments, and the average amount of revenue you have generated from ads. The analysis also makes it easy to see how your website, apps, and ads have performed.
  • Google Ads Budget-The cost of Google Advertisement depends on factors like industry, customer type, and foremost purchaser drift. Google Ads is based on auction mechanisms that tend to give better placements to high-quality digital ads in the lower price range. The average cost per click is about $1 or $2 on the search network. The competitive keywords in e-business ads with long-time customer services like insurance, bank, health costs are higher than others. The digital advertising methods are very flexible as you set up your ad plans according to your needs. Seasonal adjustment is another phenomenal tool that gives you the authority to control the duration of your advertisement. If someone has a seasonal business, they can easily sign up for seasonal adjustment, hence, they’ll only advertise in seasons. This saves tons of money. Google ads also notify you about a budget that can be spent on your business by showing you how your competitors are spending.

How to set up a Google Ads Campaign?

Google Ads

Google Ads Campaign

    1. Offer-The first goal is to make your customers click on the website ad, it doesn’t matter if your business is service-based or product-based. If your business is service-based, then use the landing page for advertisement, where you’re essentially collecting the contact information for future follow-ups. Here, you’re going to offer a lead magnet, you’ll provide value in exchange for their contact information.

    If you’re a product-based business then put your product page for advertisement. The product page you’re providing should be directly related to one product that your target customer has searched up for.

    1. Search terms – While you’re working on a tight budget it is better to work with few keywords. Be simple with your keywords, try to use a specific product name as a search term. You can use negative keywords to reduce your PPC cost. This will aid you to reach target buyers who are looking for your products, and not generally browsing around. You can use Google AdWords options to see which keywords are best for you.
    2. Message– You can include some of the search terms in your local area in your ad’s meta description. Secondly, you can include a small lucrative offer of tags you are rendering. Putting your product policies like guarantee period, servicing of the product after the end of guarantee time, product return policy, and many more to attract customers just via your meta description. For a service-based business, place tags such as free webinars, free Consultancy, ROI -driven, certified company, etc.
    3. Build– Create a Google Ads account which is free. Click on the campaign, then click on the big eye-catchy plus blue button at the top to create a new campaign.

Different Types of Google Ad Campaigns

 Google Ad

Different Types of Google Ad Campaigns

    • Search- whenever someone searches for similar keywords, your ad appears at the top. This type of advertising method is called text ads. Text ads enable your company to add some extensions of advertisements to attract people to click on the link.
    • Display – The display network will allow you to utilize various Google Display proportions to engage with your consumer of interest. These ads can be still images or some incredible animated elements. According to your preferred platforms, choose your Google Display ad sizes.
    • Shopping- These types of ads showcase your product images along with details, for instance, your shop name, price, address, features, etc.
    • Video-The video campaigns are depicted in between some contents or videos on different platforms. Video campaigns have the highest click-through rate (CTR) on all digital platforms. 75% of advertisers claimed that online video ads were equally effective as traditional television ads.
    • Universal Apps- This campaign can be the best choice if you want to promote your mobile apps. Your app will be displayed from the search network to the Google Play Store app.

    Google AdWords is vital for any e-business to perform well in e-commerce platforms. AdWords enable your web page to appear frequently in popular search results giving you a vast number of visitors to your website. The good thing about these advertisements is you measure performance level and bring changes to your marketing strategies. If your AdWords techniques are smart then you can easily get tons of purchasers by lowering the cost for PPC. So, plan your strategies before starting your ad campaigns, this will not only save your money but also minimize your time spent on the advertisements.

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