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Email marketing is always a wise investment to escalate your profit. Planetromoters will aid you to prepare your company’s strategies, develop a unique approach in your emailing methods for your robust survival in your respective industries.

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Email Marketing

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Why Email Marketing is Vital?

According to a recent survey, email marketing is immensely crucial for any company as:

  • 9 billion people are actively using emails
  • About 91% of buyers check the emails on a regular basis.
  • 86% of the shoppers prefer to get sales promotion emails.
  • 33.3% of purchasers buy products through email marketing.
  • Expected ROI is $42 for every $1 investment in email marketing.

Our Email Marketing Services

We’ll Grasp Your Marketing Rivals List

We will study your rival’s marketing techniques, client interaction tactics, and merchandising strategies. A procedure will start to create a profound email marketing system for you. Planetromoters will design authentic strategies that will be better than your contenders and have your brand touch. Planetromoters will design authentic strategies that will be better than your contenders and have your brand touch.

We Research Your Potential Customers

We will find your major clients’ logistics and help you to develop a tone and commercial email format that’ll increase your relationship with the purchasers. Our experts will generate fresh leads, design landing pages, and email templates, and also set up warming up email servers.

This will create value to your customers as we’re creating email templates keeping their preference in mind.

Preparing an Email List

Planetromoters’ email marketing techniques will help you to trace your loyal customers’ email addresses. The amount of time spent by your clients on specific sections of your website gives a positive signal that this customer might be one of your long-lasted customers, thus emails should be sent to them.

Moreover, our email marketing team will create pop-up forms and sidebar forms so that your buyers provide you their email addresses while buying or browsing.

Email Marketing Software

Our agency will advise you about email marketing software, also assist you to operate the retailing software to exchange emails. We’ll manage your email campaigns too; bulk email campaigns, drip email campaigns, sequence email campaigns, and also newsletter email campaigns.

Email Up-keeping & Reporting

Each month a progress report will be given to our clients to visualize their business email marketing development.

How We Make A Difference

  • All our clients are very important to us.
  • Our focus is to expand your marketing reach.
  • We provide great services at reasonable prices.
  • Our team will be available at your service at all times.
  • We sincerely do our share of the business so that you don’t have to worry about your online presence.

Building brand awareness is one of the key strategies for a business. No matter how innovative your service is, it will not help you reach your target audience if they have no idea about your brand. People want to buy from brands that they recognize and trust. Our services allow you to reach a wide range of audiences and hence help people visualize your brand on a more personal level.

Our Email content will deliver value to your potential customers. The interactive emails will increase your brand awareness and nurture your current leads. Sending engaging emails will build trust between you and your buyers.

It’s crucial to identify the trends that your target audience follows, and the only way to achieve this is by Tracking Competitors and using Analytics to measure success. We will set up a local SEO to help your business be more visible in local search results.

Planetromoters Marketing Consultant Rony Hossain
Rony Hossain

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Planetromoters Marketing Consultant Rony Hossain

Rony Hossain

Marketing Consultant Expert
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